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Why Use Happy Cleaning

Happy cleanerWe are different.

Customer satisfaction is paramount.

If at any time the service you receive from us does not meet your expectations, pick up the phone and tell us within 24 hours. We will happily return to your premise and service the area in question for no additional charge, with no questions asked.

We can cater for local enquiries at any budget. Just let us know at the outset. We want to help you to achieve what you can regardless of tight constraints.

Not a business? Want someone to help you round the house until you get straight after an illness perhaps? Moving house? Need help with the moving out and moving in? Spring clean even. Just want regular help? Please ask us. It would be our pleasure and privilege to help you.

cleaning bathroomYour business may grow or even redefine it objectives and ambition to your clients – so we need to see this and advise accordingly. We continually check and review to ensure long term customer satisfaction.

Our staff is carefully chosen – not just to provide a very good service – but also to get on with you in a friendly and co-operative, professional manner. It is important that we make you feel a valued client – because you are.

We carefully adhere to all UK Employment and Health & Safety regulations We are fully insured in all aspects of Public and Employee Liability. Free – no obligation quote.